Men's Street Smart Self Defence

Men's Street Smart
Workshops & Classes

S.A.F.E Self Defence teaches you techniques in simple, easy to remember modules. You'll learn how to deal with an attacker on the spot, even multiple attackers...the main thing you learn at S.A.F.E is to stay safe.

Women's Street Smart Self Defence

Women's Street Smart Workshops & Classes

The free Women's self defence workshops are a friendly, educational environment, where instructors know that some of the participants may have already been a victim, they know not to spend too much time talking and utilise as much time as possible demonstrating and practising.

Kids Street Smart Self Defence


Self defence workshops for kids and teens run throughout schools, colleges and numerous organisations in Auckland. Our instructors have been teaching kids and teens for over ten years and know how to keep them interested while still getting them to learn these essential life skills.

Integrated Combat Systems New Zealand

Integrated combat systems

Close Quarters Combat (CQC) can be described as a modern day realistic self defence system. It's really a mix of many different styles of martial arts in addition to military and police tactics.
ICS Close Quarters Combat combines the very best techniques and strategies of martial arts and combat systems from around the world.

Charlie Riley Self Defence Instructor


Charlie Riley is the lead instructor and owner of S.A.F.E, he's a qualified Martial Arts and Self Defence (CQC) instructor and he has been involved with both for over 25 years.  Charlie is also the founder of the Women's Street Smart & Kids Street Smart Workshops, he's extremely humble, passionate and very knowledgeable in what he teaches.

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Our self defence classes are hands on straight from the start, you learn practical, effective and easy to remember self defence techniques. In fact, they're that simple to learn, you could use what you have been taught from day one.

The Street Smart class shows you how to avoid certain situations, to become more aware of your surroundings but most of all it teaches you how to protect yourself in the event you end up being assaulted or attacked.

The class instructors teach students a combination of street fighting, close quarters combat, kung fu, chinese boxing plus you'll learn de-escalation, awareness and avoidance skills with scenario drills playing a very big part of the teaching syllabus.

We don't have to tell you that assaults and bullying are on the increase, we read and see this in the media every day. However with some understanding of how an attacker thinks and the practical application of techniques taught at the Men's Street Smart classes, participants will be able to feel more confident in themselves and walk the streets a bit safer.


At the Women's Street Smart workshop, we don't encourage you to go toe to toe with an attacker, or advise you to swap punches and kicks with someone. the workshop teaches you how to avoid certain situations, to become aware of the environment around you, but most of all it teaches you how to protect yourself or a loved one, should you find yourselves being attacked or assaulted.

What we teach is how to deal with the worse case scenarios, that's when the de-escalation has failed, there's no obvious way to escape and it all suddenly turns physical.

We have weekend workshops running throughout New Zealand and they run bi-annually in Auckland and Wellington. There are also free regular weekly Women Street Smart classes running in South East Auckland and the CBD.

"Rosie" has been our marketing logo for over 10 years now and ever since World War 2 the infamous "We Can Do It" poster has inspired Women to become more motivated and empowered, which is something we hope our workshops do for you.


Following along the same principles as our Men and Women's Street Smart workshops/classes; the self defence modules taught to the kids and teens deal with the most common forms of physical attacks they'll encountered on the street, the playground and in the classroom.

We ensure that the participants enjoy themselves but at the same time it doesn't mean we let the kids run amok, one of the most important things we do as instructors is to work with the School, College or University's anti-bullying policies and ensure there is no misleading or contradictory information given out and we can provide notes of the syllabus taught.

The syllabus has been taught at the following:
St. Cuthbert's College, Mt Albert Grammar School, Greenbay High School, CAG, Girl Guides Auckland, Scouts Association NZ, YMCA, Te Wananga O Aotearoa, University of Auckland, Massey University, Taiohi Ora Youth Health Project, RainbowYOUTH and numerous private workshops organised by parents for their children and friends.


CQC (Close Quarters Combat) was initially formulated for the military services to overcome their enemies at close distance. They required a highly effective system which incorporated unarmed, knife, stick and firearm combat. Through trial and error the military quickly discovered exactly what techniques were effective.

Peter Sciarra is ICS's Head Instructor, he holds a Level 11 Black Belt and is currently Australia's highest ranked and leading Close Quarters Combat instructor. ICS's headquarters is based in Melbourne, Australia, where Peter regularly runs CQC, weapons, one-on-one and womens self defence classes.

Integrated Combat Systems is being taught in New Zealand by qualified instructors (Charlie Riley is currently Level 7 Advanced Instructor), personally graded and certified by Peter. The New Zealand instructors are continually up-skilling themselves with the ICS syllabus and are regularly attending seminars and workshops with Peter.

CQC will show you ways to use any part of your body as a weapon in virtually any surrounding, you'll learn strikes, kicks, takedowns, joint locks, weapon defence, ground fighting and a lot more. 

The ICS syllabus is utilised within all of our Street Smart Workshops and it is also taught to civilian security personnel and businesses.


With a Martial Arts background in Taekwondo, Chinese Boxing, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Sikaran Arnis and Close Quarters Combat, Charlie's experience is wide and varied. He's a qualified Chinese Boxing, Kickboxing and Kung Fu instructor, plus he's a certified advanced Close Quarters Combat instructor for Integrated Combat Systems.

Charlie is also a certified Protect Self Defence accredited trainer along with being a certified Level 6 Unarmed Combatives Instructor, Level 3 Pacific Archipelago Combatives Instructor and a Level 3 Freelancer Filipino Combatives Instructor, all certified and presented in person by Hock Hochheim (Force Necessary). Charlie is also an ICS (Integrated Combat Systems) Level 7 Advanced Instructor.

Charlie's thirst for learning hadn't stopped there for a while he was studying Combat Krav Maga with Omer Duchovny until work commitments took precedence. Charlie has also completed Krav Knife Workshops Level 1, 2 and 3

Charlie travels the length of New Zealand each year with his free Women's Street Smart Workshop and is extremely humble and passionate about what he does and the commitment he gives to local communities all over the country.

Men's Street Smart
Tuesday: 6.30pm - 8.00pm
164 Maraetai Dr, Maraetai, Auckland

Women's Street Smart - Combat Striking
Wednesday: 6.00pm - 7.30pm & 7.30pm - 9.00pm
89 Grafton Rd, Grafton, Auckland

Women's Street Smart
Thursday: 6.30pm - 8.00pm
164 Maraetai Dr, Maraetai, Auckland

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