SAFE Self-Defence &
Close Quarters Combat

Street Smart
Self-Defence System

what we teach, is how to deal with the worse case scenarios...when all awareness, avoidance and de-esculation fails, it then turns physical and you have no option but to fight back and get to safety

The Street Smart System

A close quarters combat & self-defence system designed to suit everyone

Men's Street Smart

The Mens self-defence workshops teaches students dirty street fighting, close quarters combat, kung fu, chinese boxing plus you'll learn de-escalation, awareness and avoidance skills with scenario drills playing a very big part of the teaching syllabus.

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Women's Street Smart

The Women's Street Smart workshops are probably one of the best, practical, comprehensive, informative and fun self-defence workshop or course for women in New Zealand & Australia.

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Kid's Street Smart

Following along the same principles as our Men and Women's Street Smart workshops; the self-defence modules taught to the kids, deal with the most common forms of physical attacks.

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ICS New Zealand

Integrated Combat Systems is being taught in New Zealand. Instructors are personally graded and certified by Peter Sciarra. The instructors are continually up-skilling themselves with the ICS close quarters combat syllabus.

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