SAFE Self-Defence &
Close Quarters Combat

Men's Street Smart Self-Defence

These self-defence/close quarters combat workshop and courses are hands on straight from the start, you learn practical, effective and easy to remember self-defence techniques. In fact, they're that simple to learn, you could use what you have been taught almost immediately.

The Street Smart syllabus shows you how to avoid certain situations, to become more aware of your surroundings, but most of all it teaches you how to protect yourself in the event you end up being assaulted or attacked.

Street Smart teaches you to deal with the worse case scenarios, that's when all the awareness, avoidance and de-esculation fails and you have no other option but to survive the attack.

The instructors teach students a combination of dirty street fighting, close quarters combat, kung fu and chinese boxing plus you'll learn de-escalation, awareness and avoidance skills with scenario drills playing a huge part of the teaching syllabus. You also get the chance to learn weapon work such as twin sticks, single stick, single knife, double knife, nunchaku and staff.

Assaults and bullying unfortunately are continually on the increase , however with some understanding and the practical application of techniques taught at Street Smart, participants will be able to feel that bit more confident and safer.